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Everyone Needs Training to Level Up

Everyone needs training. Everyone needs a coach. The only thing that varies, is the type of training and coaching each of us needs, to learn and grow.

In my “summer of new tries,” kayaking is on my list. Although I am signed up for a beginner’s class in a couple of weeks, I decided it looked easy enough, and I could figure it out on my own.

Oh, but I did watch a YouTube, about how to get into a kayak from a dock. I figured that would cover all I needed to know, for now.

Got that kayak in the lake, and even cheated, by getting in the hip-high water, thinking I could then “straddle” the kayak, as recommended in the YouTube.

Planted my butt in the seat, and felt pretty proud of myself. Just needed to throw my legs in, and go!

Yep, I imagine you know what happened next. About 10 seconds later, my butt was in the water, and that kayak was tipped right over.

I spent the next 45 minutes figuring out how to get that water-filled kayak back out of the water, because every move I made to get the water out, just sank that sucker even more.

No, there is no video of this performance.... before you message me to ask.

But, I am sharing this as a reminder. Everyone needs a coach, for something. Everyone needs lessons. And, it’s far better to ask for help, than to find yourself standing in a lake next to a water-filled kayak.

What are you making too hard or too difficult in your business, because you think you can, or should be able to, “figure it out?”

Would you rather get the help you need now, and get results, or dump your butt in a lake, and then get the training and support you need, to do it right in the future?

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