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It’s mid-June. Have you seen your May financials yet?

It’s mid-June. Are you still waiting for your May financial reports to be finalized? Maybe even waiting for final April reports?

In order to make informed business decisions, companies need access to real-time financial reports and key performance indicators (KPIs).

An efficient and accurate monthly financial close is also critical for management, stakeholders and possibly to meet banking requirements and other commitments.

As part of establishing and maintaining best practices relating to internal controls, the financial close is a significant part of the segregation of duties, and of quality control.

If you are struggling to get the ongoing information needed for company leadership, department heads, and others, and if you are unsure about the accuracy of the information you are receiving, now is the time to button up your processes and reporting deadlines!

Don’t let another month go by where you are throwing darts at the wall, with your eyes covered.

Join our next Strategic Advisory call, and bring your questions! Use the link below, to register.

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