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Lifestyle Spotlight: Road Warrior Lifestyle and Wellness

Can you believe we're nearly at the end of summer? 😱 Time truly does fly! For many of us, the upcoming Labor Day isn’t just a break; it’s a marker that signals the start of a frenzied fall and winter filled with constant travel. Now, there's a group of superhumans who seem to juggle their fitness and diet perfectly even when they're hopping from city to city. And then there’s folks like me – where the very thought of a disrupted routine sends our best-laid health plans spiraling.

Being on the ground in one place for a while? That's my sweet spot. An actual kitchen, a gym I can learn and settle in to, and find times when most people are not there so I can stay introverted about my workouts (obviously blowing that up, here), and my rules. But traveling? Yikes. My lifelong tango with my weight means that keeping my health in check isn’t just about looking better (although, hey, who doesn’t love that?), but it's about being on top of my game for work, meeting the rigorous demands of my job, serving my love of being a doting Auntie, and, quite frankly, living my best life.

And I know I'm not the only one! There’s this massive community out there – some of you who've nailed the travel-health balance, and others who, like me, are on the lookout for tips, tricks, and some solid motivation.

My news – I’m going to start sharing my journey and would love for you to hop on board. While I’ll give a sneak peek across most of my social channels initially, the real buzz will be over on my Instagram (@jenkatsocial) and Facebook. So please connect with me there! We'll share business-friendly news and updated on LinkedIn, but I in the camp I know many of you are in, about keeping different types of social social posts in their appropriate places.

To my health buffs out there, let’s make a deal. Next time I'm in your city, let's connect! We'll chat about business management, private equity, venture capital, lifestyle and fashion, and more, while you spill your top recommendations for staying active and exploring the city's health scene. And for my fellow travelers or those seeking inspiration? Join me! Share, learn, and grow – together.

Speaking of exciting ventures, shoutout to @FamilyOfficeAssociation for introducing Lifestyle and Fashion to their Special Interest Groups next month! Business talk is great, but let's not forget how integral lifestyle and fitness are, both in the boardroom and our personal lives.

If you’re as pumped as I am and want to join this fun, adventure-filled group, message me!

Here's to sharing great business opportunities in the months ahead, along with chat and adventures that support health, new connections, and living our best lives!

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