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Reindeer Chow Day!

These little lights of my life definitely know how to make some amazing Reindeer Chow! Especially considering Auntie has no idea what the actual wonderful recipe was that Stew Leonard's used last year (when we went to their holiday event) so I guessed at it today.

Does anyone know the actual kid-friendly recipe for Reindeer Chow? If so, I'd really appreciate the comments and links!

Aunties (and Uncles), I hope you'll share some of your favorite kid activities! Virtual activity ideas would be especially appreciated. I'll be happy to share mine as well. My niece LOVES to video chat... she is a giggle bug! My nephew is very much a thinker and a perfectionist. So, I'm planning to do some "kid friendly" cooking, indoor gardening (Aerogarden), and some other activities that we can each have at our homes, and do together over FaceTime.

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