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Thanks for the Great Event, Forbes Business Council and Zappos!

I want to send a big "thank you" to the Forbes Business Council team for hosting the Executive Discussion and Content Circles virtual meeting last week.

Thank so much to Pravir Malik, Head of of Organizational Sciences at Zappos, for so kindly treating us to dinner!

The meeting was very well attended, and the gift of having so many incredible entrepreneurial minds to share with and learn from, cannot be adequately expressed.

As I enter my third year as a Council member, I find myself appreciating the relationship even more. The Council was broken up in to regions across the U.S. when I initially joined, but now the Councils are connected, which I think has been amazing. And, especially when we all found ourselves working virtually and the geographic walls were removed anyway, I found it priceless to be able to share ideas and experiences with such a diverse and talented group.

Like me, I am sure many members join Forbes Business Council as a path to hopefully receiving the guidance and support needed to be a contributor to It's definitely a wonderful learning experience, provides great visibility, and it often opens the door to other writing and speaking opportunities. I've also received a number of inquiries from potential clients, after they's seen something I've contributed to through Forbes. In addition to getting published, there is an active chat forum members use to exchange ideas, requests for help from peers, and feedback. The Council also holds a number of networking and other events, giving us a chance to meet and mingle in person. Those events have of course gone virtual for now like most other networking events. Even so, the connections are still amazing.

I am not compensated by Forbes in any way for this post, or for complimenting them, so this "shout out" is simply my way to give credit where it is due, and hopefully to encourage other awesome entrepreneurs to consider joining! I'm excited to continue meeting and collaborating with this incredibly agile, brilliant group!

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